Facing Resistance

When John and I first started talking about traveling for extended periods of time the topic of finances naturally surfaced. We have seven children and some have special needs. We live modestly. We shop for clothes at Target and second-hand stores. We meal plan and buy in bulk. We don’t believe in credit card debt. Still, we don’t have a lot of expendable income.
How can we afford this? How can we make money while we travel? Blogging seemed to be a good fit. I love to write. I have journals tucked all over our house filled with thoughts and ramblings. If I could actually make money for my family by writing, well, that would be my dream come true.

I took some online classes about Blogging and Making Money, Getting Paid to be Creative, Optimizing Your Potential and Getting Paid. I was on a mission. I knew what type of blog I wanted, what kind of content to create, and which posts would generate the most hits on social media. All I had to do was write.


And then…I froze. We’ve been listening to the Art of War. Steven Pressfield would call this writer’s block or procrastination “resistance”. He says, “resistance is bullshit.” That was exactly what it was. All of the stuff that I wanted to “create” was bullshit. 
I love to write. But, I love to write for me. I love to write for my children. I am incapable of writing if I lack passion. And I sure as hell cannot manufacture “clickbait”. I’ve been staring down the barrel of writing for our blog for over a week. Now my thoughts are changing. I’m not good at being popular or trendy. I am a closet introvert who thrives in chaos but secretly longs for order. I am only good at being me, and some days, even that is hard.  
Instead of having eye-catching posts this blog is going to look a lot like us getting ready for a vacation. It is going to be more of a journal versus a well crafted but superficial article on traveling. I’m too tired to stage photos in my house and make collages ensuring great looking content on Pinterest and Instagram.
Let’s face it, I am a homeschool mom with seven kids. I wear mom jeans. I celebrate the days when I wear makeup and my hair isn’t in a top-knot. I am always telling my kids to be authentic and I need to model that.
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